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Master EEA-MTSC : Details
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Master 2nd year- 1st semester (S3)

Systèmes de Communication, dispositifs RF et microondes

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : After underlining the reasons of the difference between high-frequency behaviour of electric components form their low-frequency behaviour, new vocabulary and analysis methods followed by new design techniques are presented and applied. In order to cover different circuit components, a basic radio transmitter and receiver is considered. Each block in the chain is studied considering its individual functional properties and its interaction with other neighbouring components in the chain, with different constraints to consider and trade-offs to make. The course is divided into 5 chapters: Introduction to RF circuits, Issues in RF design, Amplifiers, Mixers, Oscillators. Seminairs: Hyperfrequence sources

Microtechnologies de type MEMS et application aux capteurs

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Principles of microsystem fabrication (different technologies, fabrication process, material mechanical properties), components and microsystems (MEMS, MOEMS, micro-actuator, micro-sensor, mechanical sizing), applications (micro-systems and integrated sensors – accelerometer, gyrometer, chemical and biological sensors, energy harvesting).

Physique des matériaux et composants

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : The purpose of this course is to describe the physics and the electrical modeling of the most advanced technologies used nowadays in all digital, analog and optoelectronic applications. The course will also provide description of advanced compact-circuit models that are mandatory for any circuit design. The proper choice of this model with respect to the designed circuit is a critical point. Finally, an overview of available industrial technologies will be provided with an insight on how to select the technology of choice regarding the targeted application requirements. Content: Advanced CMOS technologies; Heterojunction materials and devices (HBT, HFET, Optoelectronic); Advanced Compact-circuit-models; Overview of industrial technologies (RF IC and MMIC). Optoelectronic components for telecommunications: position of optic components, modulators, laser diodes, photodetectors, integrated photonic circuits, industry.

Conception de circuits intégrés analogiques

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : This course provides the audience with knowledge and techniques in building analog circuits for various sensing applications as well as for communication receiver devices. It develops the necessary concepts and continues with circuit design examples, including practical experiments. A strong focus is put on small-signal model of transistors and their related circuits. Noise, frequency stability and power consumption reduction issues are covered. Seminars concern industrial circuit design and circuit packaging.

Circuits intégrés numériques

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Design of digital integrated circuits : architecture of digital devices; VHDL, description and simulation of an digital device; Methodology of logic synthesis; Test of digital circuits and design of testable circuits; Programmable circuits FPGA; Application on FPGA devices.

Technologie des circuits numériques et mémoires

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Different technological principals used in digital circuits and programmable circuits as memories.


  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Java language


  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Common and technic conversation, written and oral presentation of a technical topic

Compatibilité électromagnétique

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Electromagnetic compatibility: sources of perturbation, effects, protection, measurement.

Méthodes d'analyse en électromagnétisme

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Electromagnetic modeling: properties and principles of several methods, application. Antennas: working, measurement and simulation.

Circuits intégrés microondes et millimétriques

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Technology description, active components above 20 GHz, Darlington and cascode assemblies, millimeter passive components, oscillators, frequency doublers and triplers, mixers, millimeter reception head

Antennes et propagation

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Antennas, propagation channel

Gestion d'entreprise et de projet

  • M2 - S3
  • Goals and contents : Business management, job of project manager