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Master Computer Science - Fundamental Computer Science
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- Master of Computer Science
- Specialization : Fundamental Computer Science
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Targeted public

Open in VAE
Open in initial education
Open in continuing education


The main goal of this course is to bring students to research problems, to show them the variety and asset of topical issues and to give them the means to work in these fields.

The advantages of this course

Our course differs from competing courses by the fact that it welcomes a small number of students, from 5 to 10 yearly. Therefore, it offers an excellent supervision ratio, essential to prepare them for research. Moreover, the teaching staff is young and active. They meet regularly in order to make the teaching units as complementary as possible. Finally, we have the support of  Bezout labex (laboratory of excellence)and his research teams.

Targeted competencies

This course focuses on a strong involvement in theoretical research and in laboratory themes around algorithmic and combinatorics teams. Consequently, the targeted competencies are the development of spirit of initiative, information retrieval via the reading and analysing publications relatively new, and critical confrontation of the results in all sectors concerned.

What to do at the end of this course ?

The professional integration of the students is for the most part in the academic circles (in our university or elsewhere) however a career in firms is possible such as in research and development teams. This path has been chosen by many students in the past.

The type of available jobs after this course are the following : programmer, developer, IT project manager, IT research and development engineer, consultant, doctoral student.

Organisation of the course and possible paths

The course stretches over four semesters, the first two being shared to all the courses. It is open to initial and continuing education or apprenticeship. The introduction to research takes an important part in this course through internships and seminars.

Main subjects

The course is composed of 120 ECTS (30 per semester) divided between the main following fields :

  • Algorithmics and programming (java, cryptography, python and scripting languages…)
  • IT fondations (complexity, automata theory, discrete mathematics…)
  • Bioinformatics algorithmics
  • Combinatorics (special functions, hopf algebras, hyper-determinants…)
  • English

Options of the course

In the first semester, you can choose one teaching unit among : communication, web 2.0, combinatorics, types and programming and operational security.

In the second semester, you can choose one teaching unit among : data compacting, business knowledge and professional scripting languages.

In the fourth semester, you can choose one teaching unit among : bioinformatics and algorithmic, combinatorics.


The course is open to ERASMUS programs in which the university participates and it is in partnership with the University of Palermo (Italy). Internships are possible abroad.

Research environment

The Master course is in partnership with the laboratory of IT Gaspard Monge (LIGM). This laboratory bring nearly 70 researchers together and as many non-permanent members in fundamental computer science and applied informatics. They are divided in 5 groups :

  • Algorithms, architectures, image analysis and synthesis
  • Algebraic combinatorics and symbolic computation
  • Softwares, networks and real-time.
  • Models and algorithms
  • Signal and communications

The Fundamental Computer Science course relies heavily on the algebraic combinatorics and symbolic computation team and the models and algorithms team. The course is an integral part of the labex (laboratory of excellence) Bezout.

National school of ponts et chaussés (Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, ENPC) and Higher school of electronics and electrotechnics engineer (Ecole supérieure d’ingénieurs en électronique et électrotechnque, ESIEE).

Co accreditation 

University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)

Training location

Campus Descartes, Champs-sur-Marne, Marne-la-Vallée (Copernic building).